About Us

Welcome to Vriti by founder, Vriti Jatia Agarwal.

We are about local craftsmanship and custom designs.

We are colour: Our love for colour features in every handmade design. We thrive on unleashing colour in all its vibrancy, tints and hues.

We are potpourri: Our ornate outfits are a fresh blend of the incomparable elegance of traditional Indian handiwork and contemporary zest. We are what you add to your wardrobe to keep it fresh!

We are India: Our muse is the rich diversity, quality and creative heritage of Indian weaves.

We are bespoke: We are a small team of skilled embroiders, local tailors and yours truly that moved from Pune to Mumbai to deliver a brand that’s unique, classic and fashionable. 

We are about you: We create designs that are affordable and complement your beauty. We make dressing an enjoyable experience, either through one of our carefully designed outfits or a custom piece.

We are Vriti and I hope you love our unique outfits as much as we love making them for you.